Wordle word map: Joy

Relax. This is not one of those tagging game posts where you have to nominate five people etc.

Nominating 5 things that give me joy in my business is a way of kick-starting a project I am embarking on, to record a set of interviews on the theme “What Gives You Joy in Your Business?” It seemed like a good idea to show my hand before I asked others to show theirs.

My aim with the project is to provide a channel for some inspiration and positive vibes for the League of Work From Home Professionals*,  at a time when every newspaper, television and radio station is telling us how bad things are and how worse they are going to get.

As a preamble to what follows, I generally describe my business in these or similar terms:

I help business owners and executives navigate the maze of social media and develop social media roadmaps to match their business strategies and I do that mainly through online and offline seminars, together with group or individual coaching.

So here are five things that give me joy in my business:

  • Being continually challenged to keep learning about social media and about business coaching
  • Having clients and colleagues whose achievements I respect and whose company I enjoy
  • Being able to help people in business communicate more effectively with their colleagues and the broader marketplace
  • Being my own boss
  • Having a worldwide, mutually supportive network I can call on and who can call on me when needed

Makes me feel very grateful.

I would love for you to share with us some things that give you joy in your business: five would be great, as would one or two (hint: a chance to tell us what you do – no spammers please).

PS: I don’t know that there is a League of Work From Home Professionals, I made it up. But would that be a good idea?

Image courtesy of Wordle.

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