With the merger late last year of BlogWorld Expo and New Media Expo, BlogWorld Expo this coming October 15-17 in Las Vegas promises to be bigger and better than ever.

The BlogWorld conference proper is again being held over two days, 16-17, preceded as in the past two years by an Executive and Entrepreneur Day, October 15. The Expo runs over the two days of the main conference, October 16-17.

On his Mediasphere program today on BlogTalkRadio, host Jim Turner announced that a new program is being launched on BlogTalkRadio, this coming Friday as I understand, to focus on BlogWorld Expo 09.

BlogWorld Expo 2008 - standing room only
Twitter Session, standing room only: BlogWorld Expo 08. Picture by Dave Cynkin via Flickr
– Creative Commons.

Having participated for two years in a row now in BlogWorld and New Media Expo, I can attest that the event provides a singular opportunity for bloggers, podcasters and others in the industry to get together, compare notes, learn, catch up with new developments, network – and party. Yes, there are great parties!

Nor are the expo and conference just for practitioners and enthusiasts from the industry. One of the aspects I enjoyed last year and the year before was meeting people who were basically new to blogging and other forms of social media and had come to learn. I’m sure that will be repeated this year.

I’m hoping too that there will be a bigger international contingent than previously.

Some of the content on the web site still refers to 2008. For example, if you want to submit a proposal to present a session at the conference, be aware that the bulk of the information on the page, including deadlines, belongs to 2008: however, it is a good guide to what is expected. The page carries a promise that indicates it was intended to have been updated in January.

Although it is apparently too early to register for the event, there is provision to register to be kept informed – except that today that page would not work for me: hopefully it will be fixed soon. I hope when they fix it they will solve the problem of having only US States to list in the required field for State.

If you are thinking of exhibiting, a look at the expo hall layout suggests that several spots have already been reserved. However, it looks to me as if there are still some very good spots still available. There is also information on rates, what is provided and so on.

There is a Facebook page for the event with the usual “Attending”, “Maybe” and “Not Attending” options.

Having participated for the past two years, I have to say that if I could only go to one event this year, BlogWorld Expo would be it.

I’ll update this information as things take shape.

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