Social Media Telesummit badgeAs an excuse, it’s about on a par with “the dog ate my homework” but the main reason I haven’t been posting here about the Social Media Telesummit has been a pressing business project that had an absolute deadline as of yesterday. Good news is that I met the deadline and can now re-focus on this blog and a few other items that were effectively put to one side (I know, all the experts say you should have posts pre-written to cover contingencies such as this, but for me that is still a counsel of perfection not yet an established practice – but soon!).

Anyhow, as I say the Social Media Telesummit, orchestrated by and delivered under the consummate leadership of Leesa Barnes, is underway. It runs till the end of January. And it’s not too late to join in.

I posted about it yesterday, on my Des Walsh dot Com site, under the title: Telesummit Shows How to Use Social Media for Business. That post includes a list of topics to be covered over the ten days and nights of the telesummit.

As I commented there, it’s not false modesty for me to say that I am honoured to be in the company of the other people Leesa has assembled as speakers for this telesummit.

I’m all for going to live conferences when I can and I love being able to work with a group in a live environment, but I can’t help thinking that, with the economy in most places a bit wobbly or worse, there is a case to be made right now for participating in a virtual conference. No airfares, no waiting in airport lounges, no hotel bills – and no carbon footprint to speak of. What’s not to like? And if you can’t log in or call in live, you can listen online later, provided you are registered.

And if you work from home, for yourself, and don’t have a fancy corporate travel/conference budget you can access,  or if you are working for someone else and the budget just got shrunk, then a virtual conference, provided there is quality in the speakers and content, surely makes sense.

This telesummit is a well-designed, professionally delivered event, across the spectrum of social media, in a business context.

Oh, and my session will be on Monday January 26, 8 pm Eastern time (US), which for anyone in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China … will be on Tuesday morning. My session is on how to become a leader in your niche, using social media. Tip: I find the most reliable way for me to coordinate over different timezones is the free, online service, World Clock Meeting Planner (amazingly, you don’t even need a login).

You can check out the event in more detail – and register if you choose, as I hope you will – at the Social Media Telesummit site.

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