Social Media Consultants and PR 2.0 Specialists Site

My friend and colleague Lonnie B. Hodge and I have launched a web site for Social Media Consultants and PR 2.0 Specialists.

Elsewhere I’ve posted a bit about how the site came about and what it is intended to achieve.

From a Thinking Home Business perspective – i.e. that of the usually solo entrepreneur working from a home base – and considering a few comments we’ve had already, I’ve started to think the site could get quite big, even a bit overwhelming.

Are Lonnie and I prepared for that?

Yes and no. We are open to the idea and we are confident we can find a way to deal with growth.

But do we have a detailed plan? No.

I know some people would find that idea quite daunting, irresponsible even.

But we are being as open as we can be with people. Anyone who reads what we have put on the site will see that we are not hiding the fact that we are making it up as we go along.

We’re not risking financial capital – it’s a (free) WordPress site we are using to get started and maybe to continue. We are investing some time, certainly, and if it all finishes up looking like a bit of a pipe dream we could have some egg on our faces. But we can live with that.

Basically, neither of us can resist the opportunity to play a bigger game, risky as it may be. Boldness + a modicum of risk management should see us through. Working from home doesn’t mean you can’t be bold and dream big.

Are you playing a big enough game for your talents? We’d love to hear about it.

If you aren’t, would 2009 be a good year to test out one or more of your dreams and play big?

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