Anyone interested in acquiring an established web site and brand, with – as far as I can see – loads of upside, should take a look at HomeOfficeVoice, which owner and blogger Martin Neumann has put on the market.

The name РHomeOfficeVoice Рis highly brandable and for the right motivated person, this is a rough diamond Рthe potentials are endless. HomeOfficeVoice can become anything…

It’s also got a great sub-title, “It’s all about lifestyle”.

Due diligence should not be a problem. Martin has laid out all the statistical information in his blog post on the subject.

This home office field has to be a growth market, in the long term at least (in these crazy financial times I am not so rash as to talk about growth in anything much).

And the site on offer has particular scope to grow in content and in revenue-earning capacity, precisely because apart from some basic care and watering Martin, by his own admission, has lately not worked the site very hard, although it previously had very impressive traffic and ranking.

I have really put very little effort in sustaining this website and at its peak it had a PR6 and was nearing 10,000 unique visitors a month.

Check it out. If you are interested, you can expect to find Martin a good bloke to deal with.

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