In my post yesterday about Blog Action Day, I promised more information about a project we are supporting, with a focus on children.

It’s called simply The Library Project and it is about providing books for children in developing countries. Quite simply, books help their education and education empowers individuals and communities to rise out of poverty. Simplistic? Maybe, but I believe it works.

It’s easy, in developed countries, to take for granted the availability of books for children. By way of illustration, one of the biggest challenges Suzie and I had to deal with on our recent trip to the US for BlogWorld Expo was how to get out of a bookstore in Las Vegas without buying so many childrens’ books that our luggage would be overweight.

It’s not that in Australia we don’t have a range of childrens’ books – just that we don’t seem to have the range they have in the US and like all books they are more expensive here. Also, as in other developed countries, we do have public libraries with childrens’ books in abundance. And then there are school libraries.

In China, Vietnam and in other developing countries there are schools with few books, or no books at all.

The Library ProjectThe Library Project seeks to play a role in remedying that, book by book, school by school, and generally to support education in Asia, through the generosity of people around the world.

There are three programs:

  • Elementary School Program in China and Vietnam
  • Orphanage Program in China and Vietnam
  • Earthquake Program (Sichuan and Shaanxi Provinces, China)

If you are thinking, as I did at first, “A library? I don’t have the sort of money needed to build or stock a library!”, then I encourage you to check out the options for helping with The Library Project. If you are like me I suspect you’ll be surprised by what can be achieved with amounts of money that for comparable projects in the developed world would be regarded as negligible.

For example:

For $250 – $500 we are able to provide 500 to 3,000 Chinese language children’s books, plus tables, chairs, and books shelves where appropriate.

You can do a group project or contribute individually. To make it really easy, they will take PayPal donations. For US readers “The Library Project is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax deductible.”

If you do decide to contribute, or perhaps have a project to get a group of family, friends and colleagues to, say, sponsor a whole library, be sure to blog about it, then let us know in the comments and make sure you include the link back to where you have blogged about your project or your thoughts on Blog Action Day 2008.

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