Tuna Sign, Tweed Heads

This is the sign we love to see at our local wholesale meat and seafood supplier, Suncoast: fresh Albacore tuna at AU$25 for 2 kilos – which translates on today’s exchange rate as just under US$20 for 4 pounds 6 and a 1/2 ounces.

They cut the fish into meal-size steaks, we bring it home and put most of it in the freezer, separated into packs of two pieces, which gives us five or six delicious meals for two over the following couple of weeks – until we see the sign again and re-stock. Not bad, when to get a decent piece of tuna in a local restaurant is probably going to cost – for one person – about what we pay for our two kilo supply.

Ah, who would want to live in the city again after that! 🙂

Image: sign at Suncoast, Tweed Heads, Australia: photo copyright Des Walsh 2008

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