Some thoughts about home based business.

A while ago, doing a periodic update of my resume information, I realized that I’ve had a home based business now for twenty years.

I realized also that I love it. And I know others who love running their business from home.

my office Of course, working from home might not suit everyone. Not everyone is cut out to have a business and some have no interest in the idea.

Also, “working from home” doesn’t mean that someone has a home based business.

But there are many people who have do have businesses they run from home. According to the US Government’s site over half of all US businesses operate out of the business owner’s home.

And I’m sure that right this minute there are many others who are interested in the idea and how it might work for them.

What prompted all this was my reading a comment from home office organizing specialist Brandie Kajino, who interviewed me at BlogWorld and New Media Expo a couple of weeks ago. Commenting on the expo/conference, Brandie wrote:

Home office professionals abound: Most of the people at this conference were home office based.  How much do I love that!  I knew that there are about 28 million people working at home in the US, but I just wonder what that number is worldwide.  Something to think about, eh?

Definitely something to think about.

And I’ve decided to more than just think about it. With the aim of providing some reassurance, encouragement and even some ideas for expansion, for people who currently have home based businesses, and some insight for people in the “thinking about it” phase, I’ve mapped out a series of posts on this theme of Working from Home and Loving It.

I’m planning to write on the theme under four main topic areas:

  • Myths demolished (e.g. the myth of not having a “real” business)
  • Pleasures of working from home
  • Challenges for the serious business builder
  • Secret weapons for the home based business owner

I hope you will find the series useful. More than that, thought-provoking, challenging. I expect I’ll find some challenges in writing it!

Comments, suggestions and questions welcome.

Other posts in this series:

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