So many bloggers are attending/speaking at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas on September 20-21 and some of them participating also in the Executive & Entrepreneur Day, Friday September 19, my hunch is that everyone who wanted one of the discounts that’s been offered will have taken it up by now.

But just in case you missed it or are re-thinking, see my post on my Des Walsh dot Com site for a last minute, 20% discount: note that it is valid up till Sept 15 – i.e. tomorrow!

Panels I’m On

In the same post I list the panel on which I am participating, moderated by my friend Rich Brooks of flyte new media, and the one I’m moderating the following day. It is sucha¬† privilege to be able to present with the people on these panels who individually and collectively have a huge amount of knowledge and experience – and are definitely very cool people to be able to hang out with.

A stall keeper at the local market this morning, when I told him where I’ll be next weekend, asked me about the event. After I’d explained what I would be doing as “work” and saw the look on his face, I had to say “OK, it’s not a hardship assignment”.

Indeed it’s not.

Ready to Blog from the Show

Getting ready to go to Vegas is one of my excuses for being unduly slack in posting to this blog in the past week or so. I posted yesterday on Des Walsh dot Com about what I’ve been up to in assembling my Road Warrior Blogger Toolkit (hereafter to be known as the RWBT), which I know is not complete, but is definitely an improvement on last year in terms of preparedness to blog from the event. I know that I am now equipped to be able to blog from the floor of the expo and conference – and I may even squeeze in a post with pics from the day or so we plan to spend visiting some scenic spots around Las Vegas in the couple of days we are there before the conference starts.

Parties too!

By the way, the parties at BlogWorld are great: you get to meet and party with Blogging Legends. Likewise the general networking of the event. If the first event, last year, is anything to go by, it is a terrific opportunity to chat with people you have until this time had to admire from afar. I was really impressed last year with how approachable and unpretentious so many people with big names in the blogosphere proved to be.

Of course, there were exceptions, but there’s something actually amusing about someone having a big ego about being big in the blogosphere. Test this: just ask someone in the checkout line at the supermarket what they know about “Famous Blogger X”.

But as I say, most were/are not like that.

A Challenge

If you aren’t able to go to BlogWorld Expo but have checked out the program and would like to know more about one or other of the exhibitors/products in the expo, or about one of the keynote or session topics, I’d love you to challenge me to get some up close and personal info and report back here: just leave your topic/session interest in the comments here or use the Contact page to give me my brief! In turn I will promise to do my best to get pictures and quotes.

You might even want to challenge me to get a (short) interview with one or other of the speakers. Go for it: challenge me!

And if you are going to be there, please say hello!

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