If there had been a prize for friendliness last year at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas, I for one would have found it very difficult to choose a winner, as there was a pervasive atmosphere of friendliness among the exhibitors.

I’ve attended and exhibited in enough trade shows to be able to pick out pretty quickly those who are “being friendly” and those who are just plain friendly, as individuals, as a group. BlogWorld & New Media Expo was awash with the genuinely friendly variety. But without, as I say, wanting to pick winners, I do remember how friendly the people were at the Unique Blog Designs stand and how much I enjoyed chatting with them.

But they had just started, and life and business has a way of being tough, so I was delighted to see that they continued to grow and are now celebrating their first anniversary.

To mark the occasion, they are running the UBD 1-Year Anniversary Contest

Unique Blog Designs 1 Year Anniversaty Contest

Excellent prizes: Grand Prize an Apple iPod Touch and the new UBD Citrus Theme for your blog: then each of the 3 runner ups get a UBD Citrus theme (choice of three colors).

The requirements to enter are not onerous. By leaving a comment on the blog post about the contest you get one chance. If you write a blog post about the contest and link back to the contest post, you get five entries.

Yes, I think this post qualifies me for five chances to win. But it was nice to pay tribute to these folk anyway.

If you are going to BlogWorld & New Media Expo in September, make sure you say hello to the UBD people.

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