Free Video Lessons from the Queen of Stumble Caroline Middlebrook.

I recently bought Caroline’s new Stumble Rush course. I have had the job of completing the course in my to do list every day for a week. I was going to spend one hour each day implementing this.

So have you ever bought a new course and promised yourself that you will take action immediately?

Caroline sent me an email on Monday saying :

Hi Suzie,

Three weeks ago I launched a brand new blog on a brand new domain
and yesterday when I was looking at my stats I saw a massive spike
in traffic. No prizes for guessing where it came from 🙂

StumbleUpon of course! One of the great benefits of StumbleUpon is
that it simply doesn’t care how old your site is so it’s a brilliant
way of getting a new site off the ground.

If you haven’t yet got started on the Stumble Rush lessons I hope
this new evidence will give you an extra push! StumbleUpon really
is one of the fastest way of driving huge surges of traffic to your

Caroline’s email has spurred me on to restart the course. Caroline mixes text with videos. The first 10 lessons are free and come with 12 videos, also free.

If you like me belong to StumbleUpon and don’t use it to your advantage let alone to drive traffic, Stumble Rush is a wonderful place to begin.

Caroline has the track record and explains the process simply. I love her open friendly approach.

Head on over to Stumble Rush and get the free lessons and start to drive traffic to your blog.

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