One of the best bloggers in the home business zone – as in most informative, most entertaining, most literate, most uncompromising – is Martin Neumann.

Host since 2005 of Home Office Voice, described then as “a new online media outlet (aka … a blog) that offers the latest news, reviews and general commentary in the world of Home Business”.

Since then there have been some periods of inactivity, but never – in my observation – a dull post.

Martin is not *just* a blogger. He is an entrepreneur and a journalist. Actually, a journalist from Melbourne, where as far as I know the “J” word still has a chance of meaning that the person so described has some respect for and love of words. Martin does and I like that.

Another thing I like about Martin and his approach to blogging is that he seems to be always experimenting. Trying out different ways to do business online, trying out different WordPress themes.

For example, back in February last year, Home Office Voice used a WordPress theme with a, well, “home office” kind of look, white on blue. It had the tag line “bringing you the best of home business from the web”.

An OK tag line, I guess, but not exactly exciting. And evidently not satisfying enough for Martin.

Home Office Voice now is still pretty minimalist but has a more dramatic, almost stark, header, with pale green or lime on black. The new tagline is “it’s all about lifestyle”.

Martin gets it.

Why we work from home, that is. It’s all about lifestyle.

Blog on, Martin! We appreciate you.

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