The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog

In her new ebook: The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog: An insider’s guide to the conversation that’s changing how business works Liz Strauss asks two key questions of her readers:

  • Can you Hear The Internet?
  • Can the Internet Hear You?

The first section addresses the question Can you Hear The Internet?

  • Community – like minds, Us and them,
  • Listening – are you listening?
  • Business
  • Conversation
  • Connections: 10 reasons to write and publish every day!
  • That first hello

The second section looks at the question Can the Internet Hear You?

The focus of this second question is on how to achieve great writing:

  • an effective internet writer
  • Finding compelling idea
  • Writing voice
  • Have you got writing rhythm?
  • Word power
  • Secret rules of online writing
  • Great SEO info and more

Liz has high standards:

” A truly successful and outstanding blog also has meaning…… you might call that spirit. You might call that direction or focus. I call that soul.”

Do yourself a favor and give Liz a – one day late – birthday present).

This book is an outstanding guide for every blogger wanting to build their blog’s prominence.

I for one I will be paying much closer attention to the why and how of what I am writing.

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