Tweetathon globeMy partner and co-blogger on this site, Suzie Cheel, with our good friend Glenda Watson Hyatt, the “Left Thumb Blogger”, have been working feverishly to get their Tweetathon going. It launched for us tonight at 7pm Australian eastern time and will keep “re-launching” around the globe in the coming hours.

The aim of the Tweetathon is to help Suzie get to Vancouver next week to become a certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, with Michael J. Losier, author of The Law of Attraction: the Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t. This is Suzie’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). She is very committed to doing this course now and being then better able to help others.

She is a great helper of others, I can assure you!

Suzie and Glenda have plans too beyond that and have set up the Team World group on Ning, first to help with the Tweetathon and Suzie’s BHAG, then to gather and mobilize support for other causes.

7 Step Business Blog book coverAnd there are prizes for those who participate in the Tweetathon. One of the prizes is a copy of my 7 Step Business Blog, a basic introduction to blogging for the small business owner who has no pretensions to being a techie and no desire to become one. And in the spirit of the Tweetathon I’ve just decided (haven’t told Suzie or Glenda yet, a surprise!) I’ll add a half hour’s coaching on blogging strategy, one on one, on Skype, for anyone who wins a prize and chooses my book as their prize. That makes that particular prize worth a lot more: and if you win it and you are already an accomplished blogger I will be happy to provide the coaching for one of your clients, family members or friends who might like to add a blog to their business.

The procedure for anyone who wants to participate is simple.

  1. Post about the Tweetathon on your blog and link to the post that explains it, Tweetathon and Team World Update and the post on Suzie’s Abundance Highway blog 3 Prizes to Win: Promote Suzie’s BHAG and the Tweetathon.
  2. Leave a comment on the post 3 Prizes to Win: Promote Suzie’s BHAG and the Tweetathon, linking back to your post as in item 1 and saying what prize you would like if you are a winner.
  3. Tweet the event, linking to your post on the subject in your tweet.

With regard to point 1 of the three foregoing points, there is a detailed explanation of the Tweetathon and the story behind it, in the post mentioned first in item 1 above and Suzie has given permission for anyone who wants to post on this topic to copy and paste that extended explanagion (with a link of course).

Be in it.

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