Adora chocolates

There’s saying thank you with courtesy. And there’s saying thank you with courtesy and style. Leah Maclean is a virtuoso in the latter category.

Some time ago, Nancy Batenburg, a good friend of ours, asked our advice on a quote she had received for a new website with blog, for her business (link is to existing site). We were not impressed and wanted to do what we could to save her from spending a lot of money and being dissatisfied with the outcome.

We put her in touch with Leah Maclean, not only because Leah is a talented geek, but because she has a particular mission to help other women cut through the techspeak and get technological solutions that work for them. As her tagline says: Demystifying technology for small business women.

It was a logical referral. Of course, that did not mean it was going to result in a match, but it did. We’ve had great feedback from both parties and we know the outcome in terms of the website will be of top quality.

We felt good.

We felt even better today when the delivery guy handed over a big white box addressed to us. We knew what was in it because Leah had alerted us. Chocolates.

But not just any chocolates. These were hand-made, extra special chocolates. And the presentation was special too. Inside the elegant carry bag was the perfectly wrapped box with ribbon and an envelope with a beautifully designed card and inside the card a handwritten message of thanks.

Adora handmade chocolates

(And yes, the chocolates are yummy, thanks – from Adora handmade chocolates in Sydney).

None of that was necessary. We just wanted to make sure our friend Nancy was looked after by a pro.

Not necessary, but nice.

A lesson in doing business with style.

What do you do to thank colleagues for referrals – even the ones that don’t work out?

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