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We announced a couple of days ago that part of the plan to help Suzie get to Vancouver in June was to sell some web domains.

In the process we found that a couple of actual sites we had set up had, without any care or tendering, much less blogging, on our part, grown each a Google Page Rank of 2. Nothing to get too excited about, but a bit of a kick start for anyone interested in those particular domains.

Our motto for this sale truly is No Reasonable Offer Refused. In fact we have already sold a couple of sites, so quickly we wondered whether we had set the prices too low. Never mind.

Nearly all of the names below were chosen after a fair bit of deliberation and some with the benefit of research into popular niches. The exception is the one we misspelled – which should not be too hard to spot: we suspect we might be stuck with that one, but who knows?

So, folks, check ’em out and make us an offer.

PayPal is the payment mode.


(Update: May 9, 2009) This list of domains was posted almost a year ago. Some of the domains sold then, a couple we let lapse and a couple we had second thoughts about selling and decided to hang onto. The list below is marked up accordingly – domains with the names showing strikethrough are no longer available for sale.)

(Latest Update: April 6, 2010)


This domain was bought to help promote a service using a 3 circle Venn diagram, a great tool for explaining complex concepts simply and in a visually compelling way. And we all want success!


A good name for anyone promoting any sort of health product with drops in hit – or perhaps skydivers.


There are new people taking up blogging every day, many lured by stories of bloggers achieving financial success with or through their blogs. Excellent name for someone wanting to tap that market.


Listed just to show that they are going out the door!


Now is this a good name for anyone with a fatloss program, product, regime or formula, or what?


Check this one out for a niche – who, apart from all the born tidiness freaks who never acquire clutter, wouldn’t like to have a decluttered garage?


Great name for a travel site focused on the Australian Gold Coast travel mecca, or one of the many other Gold Coasts around the world.


Ugly duckling – note the spelling – good price for a good home.

GOVBLOGGING.COM (we let this lapse – someone else has registered it)

A good name for anyone looking at the growth in blogging in the government sector, both by government agencies and about government – see below: blog site has PR2


Another one that has already been sold – hmm, maybe we should have asked for more?


Online dating has grown up: a niche with plenty of scope for expansion – and sub-niches, senior dating (don’t laugh, they’ve got the money and the time), stamp collector dating, left hand tennis player dating……


Great domain for anything to do with wealth creation, making money online etc


We know that not everyone understands syndication/RSS (why else all those “What’s RSS?” links?) and of those who do understand a lot don’t use it. We bought this because we saw the potential, which we believe is still there. A search on RSS for Profit just now returned 12.4 million results.


This is a good name for tapping into the network marketing crowd: a lot of them who are successful (or not?) in offline sponsoring are clueless about online sponsoring but curious about how to do it and the savvier ones want to learn fast.


There are plenty of people who would like to blog but are fearful of what they have to learn. Bloggers know that the best way is to start. You could use this domain – and (see below) the already operating blog (PR2) to build an information resource or even a membership site.


Buying this domain was inspired by the phenomenal success of the stopyourdivorce.com site and by the fact that more and more Baby Boomers are less than excited about the idea of joining the angelic choirs (or other next life groups) any time soon. We just never got around to using it.


Everyone in the affiliate business who is not a super affiliate must surely dream of becoming one some day and winning the gold that goes with that.


Home based business is a growth area if ever there was one, but a lot of people do not know how to set up such a business or how to keep it running and make it profitable. As Des wrote in this post:

I think the name is a great potential brand for someone who works from home, is passionate about the concept and is already, or would like to position themselves as, an expert on establishing and building a business from home.



This doesn’t have a lot of posts, but even so, it has a Google Page Rank of 2.


As with govblogging.com, this site has not been getting any attention by us but has managed to get itself a Page Rank of 2 – imagine what it could get if someone was actually posting to it on a regular basis!

TO MAKE AN OFFER (we are moving fast, might be first in best dressed, so don’t procrastinate) or get more info, please use the Contact page.

Or email Des at this address: gmail signature image (this is a spam-cheating, non-clickable email image – you can get your own free email graphic here).

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