Surfing around the net I have been collecting some tools and tips that are saving me time. I decided to share them with you.

1. Easy Hyperlinks from Mark Wilson is a great tool for those wanting to put links into forums (BB code) or your own posts and if you don’t know html.

2. (The site where this item was found is no longer functioning)

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3. Wendy Piersall at Sparkplugging is running an awesome contest to win a real time saver Neat Receipts,

I want one now!

To win, simply leave a comment letting Sparkplugging know what else they can do to help you as you

work at home.Organize your paperwork, simplify your life. Sounds like a great idea.


4. Surchur (now Social Buzz)

This is a great new search tool I heard Stephen Pierce talking about today. Tools to help you make money online.

Surchur is a new site that gives you a broad range of tools that can help you find information from pages, news, to pictures,videos, affiliate products and more.

Update: surchur has closed, but there is a new service in its placeĀ Social Buzz – Social Media Search Engine for Facebook, Twitter and Google+

5. Expert Village

Want to become an expert or find an expert? Head over to Expert Village to see a large selection of videos

Home & Garden, Health and Fitness, Beauty and Fashion, Sports, Food and Drink, Hobbies, Crafts, Music, Parenting, Automotive and Mechanical, Pets, plus Other are the categories. What impressed me was the professional standard of the couple of videos I have watched.

So there you have it: 5 tools to save you time.

If you have a great time-saving tip, comment below or link back here.

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