The domain name <thehomebusinessguydotcom> is for sale.

“The Home Business Guy” was a name and a brand I toyed with about four years ago, around when I set up my original Thinking Home Business site. I bought the domain thehomebusinessguydotcom then.

But because of all the other things I was learning and doing I just never got around to making serious use of the brand “The Home Business Guy”. My recollection is that for a few years I just had the domain pointed to my Thinking Home Business site.And now I have even more on my plate, so much that I simply don’t need another project.

I think the name is a great potential brand for someone who works from home, is passionate about the concept and is already, or would like to position themselves as, an expert on establishing and building a business from home.

When I first registered the name, there was still a bit of a superior attitude about working from home. Now, with the technology evolving so rapidly and with more and more business and professional people choosing the work from home option, it is becoming a fast-growing, unstoppable phenomenon.

And I know, from the emails I get from office furniture, insurance broking and other firms wanting to advertise, that there are companies that want to get themselves in front of the home business brigade. What better way to do that than through a blog written by a home business owner for home business owners?

Also, there is so much information available now about working from home that there is surely room for someone who wants to make a mark as the “go-to guy”, a guide through the labyrinth – in other words, The Home Business Guy.

Details of the domain name sale will be announced later today or some time tomorrow and I’ll post a link here.

If you want to get in early on the domain thehomebusinessguydotcom, just let us know via the Contact page.

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