As far as I can work out, the term scrawled on a million whiteboards by corporate trainers, Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs), was coined – or at least first publicized – by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras in their now modern business classic, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies.

Some readers will already know that my partner Suzie Cheel, who recently started contributing to this blog, launched the other week her own BHAG, to be in Vancouver, BC, Canada a few short weeks from now, to participate in the Michael J. Losier Law of Attraction Facilitator certification program.

The external reason it’s a BHAG is that Suzie has set herself a goal of putting together the $8,000 she needed to make that happen – $8,000 she did not have tucked away in a bottom drawer or an old sock, as she says in the interview I did with her last week – see the audio link below.

The coach in me says the more fundamental reason it’s a BHAG is an internal reason. The old inner game we all have to play if we decide to get serious about leaving the pack and chasing a vision. We need to deal with our emotions, our fears, the little voice on our shoulder that says “Are you serious?” “Who do you think you are?” etc, etc.

Not that it’s just inner game stuff. Suzie is taking action to turn her goal into a result.

As you can hear from the interview, she has a practical plan to raise the spondulicks. That includes putting up for sale just about the whole collection of hand-painted silk scarves and art quilts she has been hanging onto from her Suzie Cheel HandPainted Originals label. These are one-offs: we worked out long ago that Suzie’s creative process was such that even she could not reproduce an exact replica of any one of her works. Pictures and purchase details will be appearing progressively from tomorrow, on the new blog site: Suzie Cheel – Art & Beyond.

We’ve also decide to send to good homes for a fair price a bunch of domain names we own, including such names as We will be publishing that list here, today or tomorrow.

The Interview: Attracting Vancouver – Des Walsh interviews Suzie Cheel on her BHAG

MP3 File

Suzie’s aim is to put the finances together quickly. She is not giving her wonderful scarves and quilts, or the domain names, away for free. But is it good deal time coming up!

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