The timer is on.

Start: 6.30 am
Can I meet the challenge that Wendy Piersall has just posted?

Wendy is at SOBCon, and Chris Garrett has put a challenge out to SobCon attendees to write a 5 minute blog post that actually creates value.

So can how could I do this?

A few ideas:

  • Blog from your reader, a tip that has helped someone else, that can help your readers.
  • Have a regular topic, like my From the Cards that could be done in 5 minutes, although I find the card usually inspires a longer post. Help do I have time to find an image. NO!

Finish 6.35 am

Do you think this is a valuable post? What can you do to add value in 5 minutes

PS. If I could touch type it would be easier:)

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