Sunday Surfing

Catching up on a bloated reader has highlighted some new and some inspiring happenings around the blogosphere.

Liz Strauss is test driving One Big Planet, a new online world of ecommerce. Liz thinks this is a great find:

You’ll find it as part of your social network, and it will make the way you buy things online easier, faster, and more intelligent… leverages the power of the Internet, an intelligent algorithm, Web 2.0 and your personal preferences. read more…………. and Liz has seen it in action! You can tune in and take a test drive April 29th.

The Anti Hype, my colleague, aka Mark Wilson looks at How to find your voice as a blogger, something every blogger has to do. Mark asks: ” How do you stand out from the crowd? There are Who songs to illustrate this point.

Aaron Abber from FullTiltBlogging has a great feature on his blog, the daily blog summary. This saves me time, I can check out Fulltilt Blogging and find some good reads. Aaron is running a free mentoring program. This program started last week with a 2 hour online class – I was impressed. Yes I said free, and you have to do the homework. I have done the homework and have seen a couple of my readers and fellow forum members join too. I think that is exciting. I also am enjoying being accountable. There may still be a couple of places, check this page. Maybe see you on the inside?

On the Entrecard Front I see John Chow has 10,000 Entrecard Credits for one lucky EC member this week. has another contest running where there are prizes.

Then there is $7,000 Entrecard Party the Marcus Hochstadt‘s Internet Business Guide. Both contests will be drawn on May 1st.

Entrecad Contest

Photo of Surfing at Rainbow Bay © Suzie Cheel.

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