On a scale of 1 to 10, mine would rate at about 2.

When I saw Lynne Terry‘s tweet today about a SEO resource, I clicked the link and found Dan Thies’s SEO Fast Start. Lyn has a glowing review at Click Newz and has met Dan recently. Dan has 10 years SEO experience and you can learn from either videos or PDF format all

There is a 100 page ebook which looks great. I can see at a glance, that I have some work to do. A picture in this case does speak a thousand words.

Seo Fast Start

SEO is an area I have known a little about, but basically avoided and realize that in becoming a six figure blogger, I had better fast get an understanding of how this works.

I see the first box, in my favorite color purple, says map out a keyword strategy. Look like I will be busy both here and over at The Highway.

I asked a friend what they thought their SEO IQ was and I received the reply “Don’t Ask!”

Please feel free to share your SEO IQ and any tips that will help fast track mine!

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