sparkplugging In this fast-moving world, a business name or the name of a blog can be quite good or even excellent for one phase of a business’s existence but in need of a change as circumstances change and the business owner re-calibrates her business aims and understanding of her market. The blog site formerly known as eMoms at Home is a case in point.

Those of us who have been reading Wendy Piersall’s very successful eMoms at Home blog knew that the blog, having already acquired an impressive group of bloggers with a variety of expertise, was about to have a name change. It has had that – the new name is sparkplugging – and more. The site has been re-designed and re-planted, the purpose and ambit re-phrased.

In spite of the old name’s focus on “e-mothers” working from home, I never found the site or Wendy’s posts to be focused exclusively on that group or in any way unwelcoming for others of us. It was in fact of good general interest to others, males included, and people without children at home, with probably the common thread of being interested in how to work effectively from a home base. And especially how to use the available technology, such as blogging, better.

The site is now very different from the one I discovered however long ago, with Wendy blogging away on her own. There are now Business Channels and Lifestyle Channels, with a battery of bloggers covering a range of topics, from coaching to craft businesses, from freelance writing to kids activities.

It’s still, and very much, about working from home, but more electrifyingly, so to speak, now that its new name is – sparkplugging. As the site’s About page tells it:

Why Sparkplugging? Because the people who come to this site are Spark Plugs – we are people who make things happen.

And just in case I haven’t emphasized enough the ambition of the project, note the sub-title/description of the site:

Thinking Big in the New Work-at-Home Generation.

I like it.

And the name is growing on me :).

Every good wish, Wendy and colleagues, for this excellent new phase of your business and blogging!

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