Question: how do I frame a blog post for this solo professional, working from home focused site, when the subject is how my company has been appointed a partner for a product which is really an Enterprise 2.0, collaboration, social media platform?

Not really work from home stuff, is it?

At first I thought not. Then, because I really wanted to share my good news here and knew that some readers and subscribers would otherwise miss that news, I mulled it over and came up with at least two reasons why the story is appropriately included here.

But first, the basic story is that last week, the Colorado Springs headquartered ITBrix LLC announced that my company had been appointed as solution providers for the ITBrix WordFrame Community 1.0 platform, with a regional focus – China, South East Asia, Australasia. There is a “social media release” version of the press release, with summaries and related links, on my site.

Now, relevance to home based business?

OK. First, there is the fact that the technology that makes a product like WordFrame also makes it possible for me to have, from a home office in a still fairly sleepy holiday town on the edge of a tourism centre in east coast Australia, a base for a regional business, indeed a global business. That for me is a pretty cool consideration in its own right.

Second, there are lots of others like me, or people in small groups in small offices, but who belong to professional or business associations, or, like me, have partnerships and strategic alliances which jump across the old barriers of distance and time. WordFrame, or other social media, collaboration, document management platforms, can work for them/us, at least as well as for companies and organizations in traditional, central city office buildings, manufacturing plants and other “regular” work environments.

Accountancy practices, for example, are often in the small, even solo business sector. So the adoption of the WordFrame Community platform by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, England and Wales (ICAEW) shows how WordFrame can work for a group of professionals in independent businesses.

If you are a member of an organization or professional group and would like to see how the WordFrame Community platform could help you collaborate more effectively, why not organize a demo for yourself and some colleagues? Just contact me and I’ll get back to you with the details.

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