If, like most or all of us solo home business crowd, you sometimes wonder how to keep track of all the cats you are herding, you’ll be interested in this post.

My friend, solo marketing diva Shirley George Frazier, has come up with a practical, common sense way to have a project planning sheet that works for you. And she shares how to produce it. Typically, it’s a gift from this smart and generous woman. It’s deceptively simple.

But first, have you ever tried to use off-the-shelf project planning tools and then stopped using them?

Have you had lessons in project planning and come away with tools the instructor had crafted and which looked really good during the session but which you used a few times and now couldn’t find if you were offered a hundred dollars and an iPod thrown in for them?

Join the club.

But where to start?

Easy. Make a cup of tea or coffee, then head on over to Shirley’s Solo Business Marketing site and watch the brief but informative video on her very neat Solo Business Marketing TV setup.

It’s in the left sidebar, under Solo Business Tips. Four, five minutes of your day – well worth it.

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