The amount of spam getting into my regular email is annoying enough to make checking my Outlook inbox a less than totally pleasant exercise. Gmail, by contrast, seems to have the spam filtering game down pat. So although I prefer Outlook’s folder system to Gmail’s “conversation” approach to sorting the mail, I have always found Gmail’s spam filtering excellent.

And having just spent some time this evening going through the listings of 1,300 or so messages in the spam folder I am still happy with the job Gmail is doing in keeping the rubbish out of my sight. It was a bit like what I imagine going through a sewer might be like, but out of all those messages I found only about seven that were not spam and some of those were from the same address. In other words, of over 1,300 messages from many addresses, there were messages from only about three addresses that were legitimate. Pretty impressive.

I’d been prompted to do the check by a post I read on Tom Brownsword’s blog where, while praising Gmail, he voiced a hunch that Gmail might have “tweaked” its spam filters with a side-effect that some legitimate emails could be blocked.

I don’t mind that I spent some time in the murky zone of the spam folder, especially given the outcome of only a few legitimate messages being blocked. Thanks Tom, but I think I’ll not repeat the experience for a while now.

Although messages in the spam folder are deleted automatically after 30 days, I like to do some batch deletions myself, if for no other reason than the pleasure of seeing that corny message: “Hooray, no spam here!”.

no gmail spam

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