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At the instigation of Social Media Club Co-founder Chris Heuer, I’m exploring the idea of establishing a Social Media Club (SMC) chapter or team in Brisbane, Australia.

I posted about this earlier today, with a bit of background, elsewhere with the title Is Brisbane, Australia Ready for a Social Media Club?

Brisbane is not actually where I live, but it’s the closest larger city that I can reach easily and is most likely to be able to sustain a SMC chapter.

I had figured out earlier, and mentioned in that post, that it would be the first SMC chapter in Australia, which appeals to my liking for being into new developments, with the new energy they generate.

From a bit more checking just now, it looks as if this would be the first SMC chapter to be set up in the Asia/Oceania region. Which would be cool. (There is a chapter mooted for Hyderabad, India, but not actually established.)

There have already been some positive responses to the Brisbane proposal, so I’m looking forward to finding enough people interested for us to get something rolling.

I’ll be in Brisbane on Friday, March 28 and could meet then with interested people. Just email me at SMCBrisbane(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you are not in the region but know someone in South East Queensland or the Northern Rivers District of NSW and could be interested, please pass this on.

And if you are one of the 98% of readers and subscribers who do not live in or near Brisbane, including the 92% outside Australia, please be assured that regular international programming will now be resumed. 🙂

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