A lot of people in home based business are, in terms of their business structure, “going solo”. This post is not about that.

There is another sense of going solo. That of people who live alone and don’t have a group of people ready to drop what they are doing and go out for various activities.

It’s a long time since I’ve been solo in that sense, but I do remember that although you can in a sense do what you want, when you want, the fact that you are going solo can be boring.

For example, one thing I remember after all this time is that it’s not always easy to balance a book and eat your dinner. And if you spend your time looking at happy groups and couples in the same establishment you can start to feel you are not exactly living the good life.

Then there’s sport. Much more fun to have someone to shout or argue with at the game.

I’m not talking about dating here, although clearly that’s one issue that comes up in conversation about going solo. I’m talking about having company when you are feel like going to a game, or a movie, or the theater, or having dinner or lunch.

Ann Bernard, who among various accomplishments, is a Marine and Iraq veteran, saw the need and has dedicated herself to coming up with a solution, Why Go Solo.

The website sub-title tells us what it’s about: “Making Spontaneous Connections Happen”.

Why Go Solo activities

Through the Why Go Solo community site, people find people to share activities, so that they don’t have to “go solo” :

Quickly make spontaneous connections with people who have the same interests, hobbies and passions… or try something new and experience new activities. Plan it yourself or join someone who already has plans and looking for someone to join them. Don’t wonder what will I do today? End your Boredom. Get out there and enjoy life.

Always solo? Not likely, if Ann Bernard and Why Go Solo have anything to do with it.

And there’s a blog where you can follow the Why Go Solo story as it unfolds.

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