My friend Paul Chaney, a highly respected blogger, is Internet Marketing Director at the Lafayette, Louisiana based firm with the intriguingly memorable name, Bizzuka. This week, Paul drew my attention to a press release about the company’s new site, Bizzuka Partners.

Bizzuka provides custom Web site design and content management services and intranet development services for small and medium sized business throughout the United States.

The company is on an expansion drive, extending its Partner program to advertising and marketing agencies across the country. The Bizzuka Partners site aims to support the company’s creative agency partners. As it’s at one level a public site, others besides Bizzuka and its partners can access the white papers and articles on web design, content management and links to industry sites. When I looked today there was not a huge amount of material on the site, but knowing Paul Chaney I’m expecting the quantum of information to increase substantially and quickly.

I noted also that, as well as inviting approaches for discussion about partnering arrangements, Bizzuka offers also an Affiliate program, which is part of the overall Bizzuka Reseller Partner Program. The form for the Partner program asks for information about your company, annual revenue and so on. The form for information about the Affiliate program is more basic, being essentially about contact information.

The Affiliate program in particular could be interesting for home based professionals who provide consulting or coaching services to small and medium sized US businesses.

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