I’m always grateful to the people who choose to keep up with what I have to say, either by visiting my blogs, or subscribing to an RSS or email feed. But just like everyone else doing business online, I’m always interested in ways to increase the quantity and quality of traffic.

By “quality” I mean that a reasonable proportion of the people who visit are people I’m wanting to attract, which as for any business includes people who may be interested in engaging my services at some time, now or in the future. As a consultant, coach or speaker. Or perhaps interested in buying one of my books.

A corollary is that I’m interested in the quality of the experience visitors have. Do they find what they are looking for? Do they feel better informed, challenged, entertained, inspired? Do they stay and look around? Do they come back for more? And what can I do to improve the quality of that experience?

I’m no expert on how to achieve all this. But I’m happy to say that I know where I can get good information and guidance from people who are experts in attracting, retaining and building web traffic.

One of those people is Tinu Abayomi-Paul.

You know how sometimes, even if you don’t know a lot in detail about someone in your industry or field of interest, their name resonates with you as being that of someone who knows what they are talking/writing about and can be trusted? For me, Tinu is one of the people in that category.

And I’m currently reading with interest some posts on her site, Increase Your Website Traffic, which was established in 2004, with a really focused aim, namely to help small to medium brick and mortar businesses attract traffic to their new location on the web.

Tinu has kicked off the New Year by offering her 8 New Traffic Resolutions for a Profitable 2008 – well worth the read.

Of her eight resolutions, the ones that jumped out for me in terms of my own priorities, and in terms of the advice I give others (!) were:

Comment and Trackback More

  • I do try to do trackbacks fairly consistently but my sense is that lately I’ve not been commenting as much as I used to

Write Shorter Articles in Your Blog/Newsletter/Etc or Blog Less Frequently

  • Guilty as charged: it makes a lot of sense for me to do, for the most part, shorter posts, although I will continue to do some longer posts where I believe that could be more helpful to readers

Make a Plan, Then Tie it To a Schedule

  • Less “so what will I post about today?”, more “so what have I scheduled to post about today?”

If you are interested in getting more traffic to your site, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Tinu’s blog.

Wishing everyone lots of quality, recurring traffic!

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