In the spirit of the season, I’ve spent some time yesterday and today re-calibrating some directions in life and business, getting clearer about priorities and setting some goals.

That includes a few goals related to this blog:

  • write more about what is involved for professionals wanting to run their business from home in this networked age
  • provide some lists of resources, for home based business and for making more effective use of virtual resources for networking
  • aim to post on a daily basis for at least five days of each week

I’m gradually posting more to my site, where I’m focusing currently on social media and business. I’m planning a new podcasting site which will also focus on social media. In the past when I had an idea for a site (for example this one) I would just set it up and figure it out as I went along: but with the podcasting site I’m doing some planning and will report further on that, hopefully within the coming week.

If there are topics you would particularly like me to write more about this year, please let me know, either by commenting on this post or some other one, or by emailing me at deswalsh (at) gmail (dot) com.

I really appreciate and am honoured that there are people who read regularly what I write, some of whom subscribe via email or RSS feed, and I thank those of you who have left thoughtful and insightful comments.

To everyone and to your loved ones I wish a very happy and prosperous New Year.

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