At this time of year I doubt I’m alone in experiencing some mental discomfort about the Things Not Done and the Things That Could Have Been Done Better.

I guess that’s what New Year resolutions are about.

But it will be the same Des (or insert name of other person currently berating him/herself) endeavoring to do all those things next year. So would some help on the productivity front be a good idea?

In the flurry of emails I’m getting with special seasonal offers, the one that stood out was from my LinkedIn Bloggers colleague Rick Cooper, the PDA Pro.

Rick is the go-to guy on PDAs. But he is not just a gadget guy – although he knows his gadgets: he is passionate about helping people be more productive.

And as well as knowing more about PDAs than I think I could learn in a month of Sundays, Rick is a great sharer. His current offer typifies that.

His Twelve Days of Productivity program through Jan 9, a series of twelve half hour teleseminars, is free. And if you can’t log in at the precise time you can download the session later and listen at your leisure.

Here’s what it covers:

  • Tips to get focused
  • Techniques to get organized
  • Strategies to combat spam and manage your email inbox
  • Lessons on prioritizing your most important tasks
  • Tips to shop for productivity gadgets
  • How to balance work and family during the holidays

No strings. Yes, he has other programs but this one is a gift.

Learn more here.

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