Anyone who, like me, follows French entrepreneur Loïc Le Meur on Twitter will know that le Web 3 ’07 is now up and running in Paris, France.

Claiming 1700 registrants as at Dec 10. If you have the interest, you can scroll through and see who’s there: slightly confusing, as the page says 1799 participants but the list only goes to 1694. Impressive numbers either way.

If you didn’t have the inclination, the available time or the dosh to get there, you can take in the event via live streaming.

Now showing at a computer near you.

Actually, on my Asus A6000 “Entertainment Notebook” screen, which should be able to handle this stuff properly, the resolution is pretty weird.

Like trying to watch and listen to people from a distance in a very dark bar. That’s in Firefox 2.0.

I tried Internet Explorer 7 and it was worse – weirder yet, as the picture was stretched across the screen and distorted like a mirror in a fun park.

But if the vision annoys you, you can run the sound in the background. No doubt at some point there will be slides: don’t know if they will be legible. Of course, you might get perfect vision. I hope so.

So far, it’s in English. Don’t know whether any sessions will be in French.

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