I'll Do It Myself book cover
Back in January this year I interviewed a woman who is an inspiration to me and many others, Glenda Watson Hyatt, author, blogger and podcaster. I was host for the day on Glenda’s global, virtual book tour to promote her autobiography “I’ll Do it Myself”.

It would be difficult for me to imagine that anyone could fail to be inspired by Glenda’s story and her determination, as illustrated by her amazing left thumb blogging, shown in the video here.

So I was delighted to discover the other day that Glenda was attracted by the idea of going to BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas in November this year. And in a post today she tells a great story about how she in turn attracted the means for her and her husband Darrell to get to Vegas. I mentioned Glenda’s post to my partner Suzie, who was also inspired by the story – see her post Law of Attraction works for Left Thumb Blogger.If you reckon, as I do, that Glenda has truly earned her spurs as a blogger, then I encourage you to give her your vote in the Blog for a Year context. And although the old political gag, “Vote early, vote often” refers in the political domain to a shady and indeed illegal practice, with the Blog for a Year contest you can indeed vote multiple times.

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