One of the most read and most popular bloggers in the home business space, Wendy Piersall, is a mother and coach and is passionate about helping mothers and fathers who choose to work from home succeed, both as parents and as entrepreneurs.

Not content with the runaway (and well-deserved) success of her eMoms at Home blog, Wendy has now launched a new venture, eMoms at Home, The Internet Home Business Magazine for Moms and Dads.

The new site has eight channels, devoted to specific aspects of home business and parenting:

  • Internet Business
  • Ebay Selling
  • Freelance Parent
  • Parent Product Reviews
  • Dad Balance
  • Craft Boom!
  • Seasonal Kids Activities

Each channel has its own blog and RSS feed.

Sub-title for the site is The Latest and Greatest from Experienced Entrepreneurs and Parents.

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