I got up early, as in before 5 am, this morning to be able to participate in a podcast session on BlogTalk Radio, with Jim Turner, Tris Hussey and guest Aaron Brazell.

The session was billed as being about “blogger unions, podcast unions and freedom of speech”.

Very early in the session there was a fairly extended discussion about the distinction between a union and an association. There was reference also to:

One point made by Aaron during the podcast session and with which I found myself agreeing, was about the challenge of getting bloggers, who are generally very independent in their attitudes, to join a union.

There was also quite a bit of discussion about what members of a bloggers’ union or association could expect for their financial contribution (indicated as $1,000 for a bigger player and $150 per annum for a sole blogger).

I don’t personally have any interest in being a member of a bloggers’ union (in the sense of an industrial organization which aims to establish and protect working conditions and rights for working bloggers).

I’m sympathetic to the idea of a bloggers’ association, provided a case could be made that members could have a realistic expectation of benefits, commensurate with their financial contribution.

An advantage of listening live to Jim and Tris’ podcasts is that they encourage you to phone in and participate with questions or comments. Which I did. As did Steven Fisher, host of Startup Spark at b5media.

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