Jim KukralI’m listening to Jim Turner on BlogTalk Radio, interviewing top blogger Jim Kukral, one of the speakers at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas in November.

Jim, who blogs at JimKukral.com will be speaking about making money online, with blogging. In the interview he gives some tantalizing hints about what he will be saying.

There are no secrets. People are not going to like it. Because I’m going to walk in there and basically tell them that it’s hard work. But the difference is that it’s so easy today. It’s even easier to do it now than it was three years ago, or two years ago. Because there’s so many niches out there that you can go after.

Jim talks also about how passionate he is about using video.BlogWorld Expo

I’m looking forward to being able to meet and hear Jim in Las Vegas. Although we’ve only communicated virtually, I’ve found him an approachable, down-to-earth guy as well as being a real expert (believe me, the two do not always go together!).

One thing I do know: his session won’t be bland!

Here’s the podcast again.

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