A few days ago I wrote not one, but two posts about the Blog Business Summit scheduled for Chicago in September. One post was on this blog and the other was on the Business and Blogging site.

So, rightly or wrongly, I felt a bit of a goose today when I got the email today alerting me to the post announcing that the Chicago event had been cancelled, for want of takers.

There was more. It was not just that the Chicago event had been cancelled for lack of registrants, but the team behind these events had decided, it appeared, that the time for events on business blogging had passed. At least, that’s how I read the following:

… it’s clear from discussions with local marketers that blogging has normalized and is not the disruptive force it was back in 2004 when we launched the BBS.

As our pal Robert Scoble said in 2006, blogging is rapidly being subsumed under the larger heading of social media and online community/conversation building. For those serious marketers that “get it”, blogging is just one tool in their arsenal that needs to be mastered.

The post goes on to talk about the new Web Community Forum site that the BBS people have set up. The site is promoting an event in December, focused on the use of Facebook.

So is it really bye bye blogging for Blog Business Summits, understood as events about blogging? Not if you read the next day’s post, where Steve Broback writes:

We may have given the wrong impression yesterday that since Chicago didn’t work out this year, and we’re hosting a new Facebook event that we are done with business blogging.

Well, actually, Steve, yes, you did give that impression.

Not so, he says, and they “do anticipate producing more bbs conferences, if there is interest from the community”.

So that’s a definite maybe. Glad we cleared that up :).

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