What a hoot!

In an ironic sort of way.

Yesterday morning, walking along the beach at Coolangatta, with no more than twenty or so people on the beach, the blue Pacific lapping gently at the shore, the green-clad hills of the Gold Coast hinterland in the distance, I was thinking how good it was to live in such a  beautiful place. And having been in Sydney last week, thinking this was obviously a safer place to be than just about any major city, these days.


News item 6pm last night, doctor arrested at Brisbane airport with a one way ticket to India and apparent connections to the latest batch of UK bombers.

A doctor at the Gold Coast Hospital? That’s about a 20 minute drive from here.

(the blue pin is where I live, the green arrow points to the Gold Coast Hospital)

And a doctor!

Well, it appears not all physicians these days take the Hippocratic Oath.

But the Gold Coast!

Then again, the Gold Coast attracts all types. After all we do have the Russian mafia

I still think Coolangatta beach is pretty safe.

As long as you don’t think about the sharks

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