A new social networking thingy, Pownce, was launched last week.

Well, as long as “launched” means announced and shared with people who have invites to use it (clearly I don’t have an invite yet or I wouldn’t have made that narky comment).

Ryan Stewart, who did get an invite and has tried the product/service, says “Pownce looks like it’s going to combine Twitter with the ability to send events, files, and links to your friends” and adds “Pownce seems kind of like Twitter on steroids”.

Head Pownce (and Digg) guy Kevin Rose announcedthree days ago on the Pownce site:

Invites coming soon for all! Shawn is busy coding a version of the Pownce App that notifies/installs new builds (right now you’d have to manually check for a new version). Once this is out, we’ll start opening it up!

I’ll report again once I have an invite and have tried it.

Update 5.44 pm: mentioned on Twitter my desire for an invite – am now on Pownce and have a few invites to send: just email me at deswalsh(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send while I have them.

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