For anyone who wants to know how to use LinkedIn to make better sales, faster, more often and with less effort, there is a great opportunity coming up next week.

Scott Allen, master virtual networker and owner of the LinkedIntelligence blog site, is the featured guest on a free webinar on LinkedIn next week with Larry Benet, “The Connector”.

From the blurb I’ve just read, it sounds as if it will be good, practical stuff, covering:

  • Lead generation – How to find and attract highly targeted prospects in LinkedIn
  • Sales acceleration – How to use information and leverage relationships via LinkedIn to speed up the sales cycle and close more deals
  • Solution delivery – Use LinkedIn to find the partners to help you compete with larger companies for larger projects and contracts

And – oh, frabjous joy! – unlike many webinars and teleconferences I have recently been interested to take in but have been at times unfriendly to my disposition and health, this one is at the very civilised time (for me) of 11 am on Tuesday, July 3 (Australian eastern time).

For readers in North America, that’s Monday, July 2, at 6pm PDT and 9 pm EDT. Duration, one hour.

Places are limited. Register here.

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