These days, as I work for myself, Monday for me is just another beautiful day of possibilities.

And, inevitably, some challenges.

Such as the challenge of keeping my sense of humour about comment spammers.

Specifically the one whose activity greeted me this morning.

I worked out quite a while ago that “comments” along the lines of “Great post”, or “Great blog” or “I’ve bookmarked it” are a good reason for me to keep the comments on this blog moderated.

Occasionally I’m not sure however whether a comment is spam or genuine. 

Such as this one today, which at first I approved, even though it was a bit linky/pushy:

Fantastic job! I’m definitely going to put you on my favorites!

I have a home based business blog (this was linked). It is about home business opportunities related stuff. Maybe you could offer some tips for my site.

Come and check it out if you get time 🙂

I checked the linked site and it looked ok, so as it was another home based business person and I did not want to be too much of a grouch I approved the comment.

Then I found another comment by the same person. Oh, I thought, the commenter must have had a good look at the site and liked another post.

The comment was identical to the one above.

Of course I disallowed the second and went back and deleted the first – this time putting a block on the commenter.

Tedious stuff.

Looking at it now I realise the “Fantastic job!” should have tipped me off. And if I’d just thought that was a bit of exuberance, I should have been more awake when I read “I’m definitely going to put you on my favorites!”. That should have reminded me that a lot of these comment spammers promise to bookmark or put you in their favorites, but that is not something you see or include in legitimate comments, from my recollection.

So the spammer was dumb and, although I exercised a bit of dumbness myself in letting the first one through I’m glad there was a second “comment” to tip me off.

And now back to enjoying Monday’s positive possibilities 🙂

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