Reading Jim Kukral’s blog, Marketing Ideas Online, is not good for my daily timetable. I tend to get distracted from what I’d intended to do.

I’m not complaining. It’s just that he’s always coming up with something of real interest and value.

Like today.

Something like an hour and a half ago I took his advice, dropped what I was doing and went to read this blog post on  Jeremy Palmer’s Quit Your Day Job.

Jeremy is an affiliate marketing success story and explains why he is changing his online marketing strategy and how.

Why did checking that out take an hour and a half? Well, I clicked on the link in Jeremy’s post to John Reese’s report The Re-Birth of Internet Marketing. I was well aware of Reese’s reputation as having made a ton of money online and I found it a fascinating document – lots of food for thought.

I liked particularly the emphasis on developing quality, content-rich sites and Reese’s admonition – “don’t sell to a market, serve it”.

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