Once you’ve been online for a while you know that there is never a shortage of home based business “opportunities” on offer. Some of these are excellent. Others are really disguised opportunities to lose your money, your friends and your natural optimism.

So how do you tell the difference? There’s the Three Step Character Building way:  Step 1 – Have Bitter Experience; Step 2 – Pick Yourself Up; Step 3 – Start Over. Not recommended, unless you are really into character-building.

Another way is to get some guidance. As a coach, I would naturally say, get a coach. But I suspect that, given the optimism and sense of bulletproofness that a lot of new home-based entrepreneurs have, especially if they have been successful in executive or management roles in the regular workforce, the idea that a coach might be needed or useful does not readily occur.

(Update June 23, 2012: the report referenced below is no longer available, so the text, which is about that report, is not helpful now. Hence the strikethrough. It’s my intention to do a blog post on the general topic soon and I will then link to that from here.)

Another option that has just come across my desk is a report from my fellow coach and home based entrepreneur, Laurie Hayes.

Like me, Laurie was once a government servant who wanted to chance her arm as a business owner and eventually took the plunge. Only from checking out her website it’s obvious that she did it more thoughtfully than I did. Although she acknowledges she made mistakes.

Who hasn’t?

When you read Laurie’s report, there is plenty of evidence of thoughtfulness, plus a good dash of passion about helping others avoid basic mistakes in moving into a home based business.

And a piece of good news, especially for people starting out in home based business and wondering when the income is going to start exceeding the outgoings, is that the report is free.

Here’s the link:
The 7 Deadliest Mistakes Hopeful Entrepreneurs Make While Pursuing Their Dream of Home-Based Business And how to make 100% certain YOU avoid them (Link out of date and now deleted).

I understand from Laurie that the report was originally going to be much briefer, but after she received a number of anxious calls from people about an “opportunity” being offered, checked out that opportunity and found a lot to be concerned about, she was fired up to go into more depth about how not to make a mess of moving into home based business.

The result is very readable, clear and practical (all that public service experience in writing reports obviously wasn’t in vain). I have to admit I also found it somewhat painful, albeit in a “no pain, no gain” sense.

If you’re thinking about a home based business, or know someone who is, or you already have a business from home and want to make it better, it would be a smart move to get hold of this free report.

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