Greg Hoffman is used to advising and helping other people with their marketing.

In The old resume taped to box of Dunkin Donuts trick he writes about his current efforts to market himself for a job he has targeted.

While the delivery of the box of donuts with resume attached is the focus of the post, I noticed also that one of the steps Greg has taken to get noticed for the job is to send a message to the owner via LinkedIn.

That’s one of the great things about LinkedIn, that you can make contact either directly or through an intermediate contact who – if you use LinkedIn as it is intended to be used – knows and trusts you. Which should improve your chances of a successful contact.

If it is not a direct contact, it can happen that one of the people in between neglects to forward your request, or chooses not to.  That can be annoying or discouraging. I do try to make a point of moving such requests along as quickly as I can and, where appropriate, with an accompanying, supportive message.

Ideally, when LinkedIn works the way it’s supposed to work, donuts should not be needed.

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