According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, mobile/cell phones are to be blocked in the Sydney central business district during the September APEC event featuring George W. Bush et al. In its typically thoughtful and restrained style, the News Limited tabloid proclaims that this proposal “ignited Sydney today”.

According to 7News, the area of blockage is indicated as being “the size of a football field” (they don’t say which code).

Yay! I thought. No loud, inane, one sided “conversations” to bear if you happen to be on a bus in Sydney while the President is travelling through town.

Actually, I was not really surprised to hear that the prospect is causing some public angst in Sydney. The “where are you?” brigade no doubt distressed at being unable to be able to ask someone “What are you doing?”.

But then I re-read the article in the Daily Terror Tele and found that the mobile network is to be blocked for all of two minutes. And it’s just for the US President. No Black Hawk choppers jamming the mobile network for the likes of China’s Hu Jintao or Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Wow! Those Sydneysiders must have got to be even more dependent on their mobile phones than when I lived there not so long ago.

Two minutes.

Via Boing Boing

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