I admit to being generally pretty bullish about the advantages of working from home.

And if you had asked me until today whether I knew any reason why an entrepreneur with a business startup and working from home couldn’t succeed, I’d have said, in principle, no. Of course it would depend on a lot of circumstances, the nature of the business, equipment needs, staffing needs and so on. But in principle, no.

After all, Google started off in a garage. As did Hewlett-Packard.

So maybe, working from home-with-garage would qualify?

As I say, I would have thought so, but that was before I read entrepreneur Ben Barren’s post from yesterday BRW Fast Starters Issue: “Knowing what you now know, would you start a business


Among various statistics which he quotes from the Business Review Weekly special Fast Starters issue he is commenting on, this one jumped out for me in terms of working from home (note – these are for Australian companies):

– 89% of businesses lease offices ONLY 2% are

located AT HOME.

As Ben comments:

(yup… very scary findings for the home business, thats

a hard stat to beat) Thats why im restructuring my geo-logistics.

Although I haven’t yet seen the BRW article, I’m assuming the article does not provide statistics on whether in the pre-startup phase a lot of businesses haven’t been developed from a home office.

Or even from a garage.

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