When I had to register anew for the IT event CeBIT Australia, which started today, I realised it’s been a while since I visited – my address had presumably been scrubbed after I missed for a couple of years. Anyway, I’ve signed up now and will be off to Sydney for the day tomorrow.

Having just spent the past couple of hours going through the list of exhibitors and checking their websites, I believe I’ll have plenty to keep me engaged, checking out the various stands, asking questions.

I must admit that in the past, although I’m not a real gadget guy, my interest in this sort of trade show tended to be about trying to understand something about the latest gadgets – “technology as gizmos”. From a scan of this morning’s press about the CeBIT show, I was evidently not alone. Just as I am obviously not alone in being more interested now in how the technology can facilitate business rather than in the gadget wow factor. And more focused on what online services there are available.

Evidently the exhibition this year has been aligned to a heightened visitor interest in practical applications of technology.

As is explained in veteran IT watcher Roland Tellzen’s story in today’s The Australian newspaper – Down to business at big show:

“It’s about how business today can use

the new wave of technology,” said Jackie Taranto, managing director of

Hannover Fairs Australia, CeBIT’s organiser.

“To now, CeBIT has brought in the right environment to see what is happening with innovation on a global scale.

“Now we’re providing the environment to show how that innovation can

be used to improve business competitiveness on a global scale.”


Everything is moving to a more software and services platform, rather than individual devices.”

I’m keen to get the maximum value from the exhibition tomorrow, as well as catching up with a few colleagues during the day. As I no longer live fifteen minutes from the exhibition centre, so won’t be able to pop back a second day for another look,  what I don’t see tomorrow I don’t see. Not my ambling round approach of yore.

I’ll be looking particularly for ideas about how the technology can simplify and streamline the businesses of those of us working from home.

I’ve just spent a couple of hours going through the website and clicking through to nearly all of the linked websites of exhibitors. It looks like I will have no shortage of things to see or questions to ask.

It’s been a bit frustrating, this pre-visit research exercise. For instance, I found it frustrating that some links did not work. And it seemed odd to me that at least two of the links were to sites in German, without an English version,or even just a page in English saying “come and visit our stand and we’ll explain all”. Perhaps some underlings were charged with filling out the form and did not stop to wonder how people with, if I remember the phrase correctly,

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