Anyone who has an RSS feed from this blog will presumably have just received half a dozen copies of the same post, about Australia’s Anzac Day.

My apologies.

The multiple copies were not due to an excess of national spirit. Basically I was doing a minor edit and thought I’d just re-saved the post, not realising I had generated a new post. How that became five or six I have no idea.

It’s not the first time that has happened, although previously not with so many copies.

The challenge for me is that I have blogs also on the WordPress platform, which handles editing and re-saving a previous post differently. With WordPress, if you edit an existing, published post and hit Save, it simply edits the post. With Blogware, the underlying platform of this blog, hitting Save gives you a new post, unless you go through the steps to configure the saving process for re-publishing at the original date and time. Logical enough, but I prefer the WordPress version where I don’t have to think about it or do all the re-configuring.

Presumably I got the steps wrong this morning. Something about getting up at 4am for the dawn service, perhaps.

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