Nearly two years ago, in May 2005, I posted here about a home based business success story, the star of which was someone I’d heard speak at a government-sponsored business seminar in a local town.

It was a story about someone building a “serious”, million-dollar business from their home. Something I thought a few readers of this blog would find interesting.

Clearly some people have found the post of interest. It keeps coming up, even nearly two years on, as the “most popular article” in the stats report from the blog’s hosting provider, BlogHarbor.

The post was Internet Security Home Based Business Success.

Why so popular?

Is the interest in internet security, home based business, or success? Or all three?

Or is there a tag in the keyword list for the post that is attracting visits? The keywords are: norbas, security, purehacking, northernrivers, lismore, internet, homeoffice, homebusinesstips, homebusiness, hacking, hack, government, dsrd, creditcards, computers, business.

One idea I have to try and get some insight on this is to do some posts on internet security and some on home based business success and compare the results. But do I need to put myself to that task?

And it could take some time. So if anyone has a key to this puzzle, I hope you will share it.

Hope you don’t  mind me sharing this. It’s really bugging me.

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